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Which, among other things, included the improvement of the water supply network in Vrontados and is promoting the maritime history of Chios by creating the Chios Maritime Museum (cofounded by the Marouko Pateras Foundation). The fleet consists of primarily large tankers and bulk carriers the Livanos family still recruits its personnel from its native island of Chios where it has an office, in 2001 the family became the first Greek shipping company to begin operating a LNG fleet. In general, the family formed the Los Public Benefit Foundation.The couple seem content living a relatively low-key life with each of their busy schedules.Stavros previously dated former Hollywood 'it' girls Mary-Kate Olsen and Paris Hilton.

She has large breasts and narrow hips which makes her typical example of apple body shape.

Speculation of a potential wedding woes began back in April when Jess was spied without her ring on her finger.

Rumours surfaced as early as 2014 that the genetically blessed couple were set to get married in the near future.

Jessica, who has been with Stavros for almost seven years, is said to be devastated over the breakup.

'She mapped out her entire future around Stavros and now she feels like he totally led her on,' source allegedly told NW.'She genuinely loves than man...

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