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is one of the largest industry event of the year and the most successful event for those that attend.

Brass VIPs Brayen International Bright Day Dating Bright Day Ltd Broadcast Interview Source Brooks & Brooks Brown Raysman BSG Clearing Solutions Budget Conferencing Build a Blog School Bunchball Burrelles Luce Business Services USA Butterflies Buy My Affection Buy Profiles Buzznet C2 Media Corp Cabo Networks Cake Marketing Cal International California Singles Call Key Call Wave Call With. Canoodle Limited Cantos AB Capazoo world corporation Card Cops Carlson Marketing Canada Carmelia Ray Carnelian Group Cashcore Catalonia Today Catamount Ltd.This sounds like a lot of fun and something different!The Blue Thong Society is a fun, fabulous, smart, and sassy women of all ages who have blazed new trails and broken the molds since birth. Get on the phone, invite your friends over and gather ‘round your kitchen counters to celebrate and embrace our enlightened, dynamic and enduring selves!We carry with us the powerful message that lives in our hearts, which we gained (and we don’t mean pounds) from what we fought for in our youth and how it made us the wonderful and powerful women we are today. 25th / Registration starts at: PM Presentation to / Followed by Meet & Greet Dinner / 1-hour Hosted Bar & BTS Specialty Drinks Vodka Sponsored by Blue Ice Vodka BTS Members Pre-Paid / at the Door NON-BTS Members Pre-Paid / at the Door RSVP TODAY!!We’ve never been good at sitting down and shutting up and we’re not about to start now. Event details & registration information available at need to be made by: Sept.

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