Updating sharepoint

This gives you the option of creating a new document or new folder. Edit / Delete Folders and Files in a Document Library Click on the file or folder name to carry out various functions on that file or folder.

Select Edit Properties to change the file or folder name and select Delete to remove the file or folder.

This collaboration feature creates zones in a document so authors can work on different areas of the document concurrently.

To start editing documents collaboratively in Share Point, you must update configuration settings for permissions, versioning and check-in/checkout capabilities.

I don't believe "train your IT" is a valid argument to this as it just keeps on occurring all the time, everywhere.

It's like saying "don't crash to other vehicles" and wonder why there still are car crashes.

In the previous demo Peter also showed how to update the Excel chart when list data was changed, which is not done automatically with the method he used.

The conexion works perfect in Power BI desktop, retrieving all data needed without problems every time I push the update button.

I also can upload the pbix to view it online and works fine.

Note that the Excel Web Access web part that Peter uses in the demo is only available in the Enterprise Plan of Share Point or Office 365.

When an Excel chart is added to a Share Point page in this way, it will not be updated automatically when the list data is changed.

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