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I have even had success connecting to the database from another computer in the institution using SQL Developer and my local address ( You have chosen to export the local INFO: oracle.oms:hostname.

I tried to install Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c, and run into the following error: INFO: oracle.oms: About to execute plug-in Start Oracle Management Service INFO: oracle.oms: The plug-in Start Oracle Management Service is running INFO: oracle.oms: Internal Plug In Class: oracle. The exported data may ONLY be imported INFO: oracle.oms:on a host with the same hostname.

EMDBPost Config.perform Upgrade(EMDBPost oracle. EMDBPost Config.invoke(EMDBPost oracle. EMDBPost Config.invoke(EMDBPost oracle. EMConfig.perform( oracle.sysman.em. oracle.sysman.em. EMConfig Step.execute Impl(EMConfig oracle.sysman.step. Basic Step.execute(Basic oracle.sysman.step. Basic Step(Basic oracle.sysman.backend. EMConfig Step.execute Step Impl(EMConfig oracle.sysman.backend. Summarizable Step.execute Impl(Summarizable oracle.sysman.step. Basic Step.execute(Basic oracle.sysman.step. Ignore any errors and continue with the installation or upgrade. opatch apply Invoking OPatch Oracle Interim Patch Installer version (c) 2007, Oracle Corporation. Oracle Home : /myhost Central Inventory : /scratch/pchebrol/ora Inventoryfrom : /etc/ora OPatch version : version : location : /myhost/oui Log file location : /myhost/cfgtoollogs/opatch/opatch2011-01-02_11-00-00Apply Session applying interim patch '8350262' to OH '/myhost' Running prerequisite checks...

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emca -config dbcontrol db -repos create" which gives me "SEVERE: Error creating the repository" & "CONFIG: ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object oracle.sysman.sql Engine.

SQLFatal Er ror Exception: ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object" errors I was checking other threads in same forum (

在2011年新装了Oracle10.2.0.5数据库,在建库最后em创建时候报错。 Starting Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control............................................................................................. All rights reserved.https://myhost:5501/em/console/about Application Enter Enterprise Manager Root Password : DBCONSOLE already stopped...

failed.------------------------------------------------------------------Logs are generated in directory /myhost/sysman/log Jan 2, 2011 PM oracle.util.

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