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Barry Clifford, the only person known to have recovered pirate treasure dating from the so-called golden age of piracy, around the turn of the eighteenth century, recently exhibited a small selection on the second floor of the Explorers Club, on East Seventieth Street. (Two were defended in court by Cotton Mather, and were acquitted.“That’s a syringe,” he said, indicating a bratwurst-size pewter cylinder, which someone had guessed might be a bosun’s whistle. The six others were hanged.) Clifford’s main ongoing recovery effort is on and near Île Sainte-Marie, a slender island off the east coast of Madagascar.“It was filled with tincture of mercury and was used to treat syphilis. “We found Captain Kidd’s ship Adventure Galley here,” he said, pointing to a spot on a (modern, photocopied) map.

"That's what inspired me to build Notorious.”It seems that inspiration catches the eye of those who visit this unique ship."Coming up the gangway visitors are struck by the amount of timber,” the couple said.

Example of what you will find: All Handson Dick, 23 years old, Silverlake, CA, is “looking for an chill girl who’s down to party on my dad’s boat sometime.

No drama please.” (sent to me via Write_By_Night) – “City folks just don’t get it!

– “Pirates Passions be a 100% free social networrrkin’ an’ online datin’ site ferrr buccanneers an’ buccanneers at hearrrt“ Free and full of people who absolutely do not look like pirates, this is a great way to get your Capitan Ron freak on. ” Ever want to date someone who never removes their cowboy hat (ahem, Robert Rodriguez)? Where every match states that they enjoy the finer– “Dating Can Be a Stormy Sea” Life as a sea captain is a lonely one, so why not get more than just your boat wet?

Example of what you will find: “Creepy Ol Guy”, 43 years old, enjoys eating brains, currently lives on a pirate ship with his wife and children, Pagan. Sea Captain Date is the premier dating service for sea captains and the ladies who love them.

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The event at the Explorers Club was a party to celebrate “Black Sails,” a television series about pirates, on the Starz cable network.

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  1. The local law-enforcement agency shall obtain from the person who presents himself for registration a sample of his blood, saliva or tissue taken for DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) analysis to determine identification characteristics specific to the person.

  2. Now I am scared that if I am going to go back and date again I’m going to get hurt and heartbroken again. – K Dear K: There is nothing wrong with being afraid to fall in love again—everyone feels that way sometimes.