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: On the Top Menu, click Utilities - Find - Execute and the first 500 transaction will be display. - initial scree BD91 RBDSECHR Send Characteristic BD92 RBDSECLS Send Class BD93 RBDSECLF Send Classification BD97 RBDSDEST Assign RFC dest. Comp/Init: Ntwk; Acty; It CN26N RCN_CV02N_CALLSDisplay Mat. FNQ7 RFVDTAB1 Generate flow type FNQ8 RFVDMAU1 Automatic Clearing for Overpayments FNQ9 RFVDZAP0 Int. KF Planning Layout FOKFP RFVIPL01 Copy Cash Flow to Plan Version FOKG SAPMKES1 Change Stat. KF Planning Layout FOKIP SAPMKPT4 Copy Actual-Plan for Real Estate FOKN RFVIMPLN RE: Displ. Key Figs FOKO RFVICUP0 Check conditions/flow types FOKOBA RFVIKOBA Acct Determination for Cond. Levels (Analysis KEDVS SAPMKETRESTORAGMaintain Old Storage Summ. Data Transfer to CO-PA Plannin KE1Y RKEBPR01 Transfer of CO-PA Plan Data to FI-S KE11 RKEPLDIA Change plan data KE12 RKEPLDIA Display plan data KE13 KPP_FLEX_UPL Upload from Excel KE13N RKE_FLEX_UPL Upload from Excel KE13P RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload KE14 SAPMKES1 Create Planning Layout KE15 SAPMKES1 Change Planning Layout KE16 SAPMKES1 Display Planning Layout KE17 SAPMKEFB Maintain Planning Authorization Obj KE18 SAPMKEFB Display planning authorization obj.

If want to display all the tcodes, make sure you remembered to change the Fields: Maximum no. To get a list of the SAP Table names and descriptions, browse table DD02T in ME00 - Purchasing Main Menu ME21 - Create Purchase Order ME22 - Change Purchase Order ME23 - Display Purchase Order MB00 - Goods Receipt Main Menu VA00 - Sales Main Menu VF00 - Billing Main Menu VL00 - Shipping (Outbound Delivery) Main Menu VL01 - Create Delivery VL01N - Create Outbound Delivery with Order Ref. VL02 - Change Outbound Delivery VL02N - Change Outbound Delivery VL03 - Display Outbound Delivery VL03N - Display Outbound Delivery Besides looking at the following complete long list of SAP TCodes, Tables and Reports, here I provide you another page specifically on some of the more commonly used SAP Functional Transaction Codes and Tables: AAVN RAVRSN00 Recalculate base insurable value ABAA SAPMA01B Unplanned depreciation ABAD SAPMF05A Asset Retire. ABNA SAPMA01B Post-capitalization ABNAN SAPLAMDP Post-Capitalization ABNC SAPMA01B Enter post-capitalization ABNE SAPMA01B Subsequent Revenue ABNK SAPMA01B Subsequent Costs ABNV SAPMSNUM Number range maint: FIAA-BELNR ABSO SAPMA01B Miscellaneous Transactions ABST RAABST01 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA ABST2 RAABST02 Reconciliation Analysis FI-AA ABT1 SAPLAMDP_OLD Intercompany Asset Transfer ABT1N SAPLAMDP Intercompany Asset Transfer ABUB SAPLABUM Transfer between areas ABUMN SAPLAMDP Transfer within Company Code ABZE SAPMA01B Acquisition from in-house productio ABZK SAPMF05A Acquisition from purchase w. to Logical Systems BD98 RBDCONCH Consistency Check Workflow Connectn BERE RFOPFI00 Business Event Repository BERP RFOPFI01 Business Processes BERPC RFOPFI01 Business Processes BGMN MENUBGMN Warranty Processing BGM1 SAPLBG00 Create Master Warranty BGM2 SAPLBG00 Change Master Warranty BGM3 SAPLBG00 Display Master Warranty BGM6 SAPLBG00 Warranty Entry for Technical Object BG00 SAPMSNUM Number Range Maintenance: BGMK_NR BIBS SAPLEXAMPLE_ENTExamples of User Interface Design BIBU SAPMBIBU Test Transaction User Interface BIC RFBVBIC_0 Transfer Bank Data from BIC Databas BKDR SAPLKCD0 Maintain transfer rules BKDS BKD_START Sender Structure Maintenance BMBC RVBBINCO Batch Information Cockpit BMCC RVBCUOBJ Integrity Check for Batch Classif. Components (From DMS) CN27 SAPLCORU Collective confirm. adjustment run FNRA RFVDABG0 Other accruals/deferrals FNRB RFVDBEP0 Memo record update FNRC RFVDABG1 Accruals/deferrals reset FNRD RFVDAZE0 Display incoming payments FNRE RFVDSZE0 DO NOT USE: Reverse Incoming Payment FNRI RFVDABG7 Portfolio Analysis Discount/Premium FNRLZ RFVD_RLZ_LOAN Statement of Remaining Terms FNRS RFVDABG2 Reversal Accrual/Deferral FNR0 RFVDBJR2 Loans: Posting Journal FNR6 RFVDBST0 Insur.prtfolio trends - NEW FNR7 RFVDSLD0 Totals and Balance List FNR8 RFVDKAU1 Account Statement FNR9 RFVDDIS0 Planning List FNSA RFVDREV0 Foreign currency valuation FNSB RFVDSTDA Master data summary FNSL RFVDSALC Balance reconciliation list FNSTA RFVD_LC_LOANCHAProcessing Characteristics FNS1 SAPMSNUM Collateral number range FNT0 RFVDCH92 Loan correspondence (Switzerland) FNT1 RFVDWDV1 Autom. - Reminder Print RLR FOBK RFVIBKCP Copy real estate company codes FOBL RFVIMADC Rent Adj. KE19 RKEB0403 Reorganize Planning Layouts KE2B RKEAE015 Correction to Incoming Orders KE2C RKEAEDEL Delete records from error file KE2D RKEAEERR Display Error File KE2K SAPMKCIK CO-PA: Maintain Key Figures KE2T RKEPGEDI CO-PA: Assign IDoc Fields KE2U RKEPAEDI CO-PA: Display Segment Types EDIMAP KE21 SAPMKEI1 Create CO-PA line item KE21N SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Line Item Entry KE21S SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Valuation Simulation KE23 SAPMKEI1 Display CO-PA line item KE23N SAPMKEI2 CO-PA Line Item Display KE24 RKEB0601 Line Item Display - Actual Data KE25 RKEB0601 Line Item Display - Plan Data KE26 RKE_KE26 Repost Accounting Document KE27 RKEBPR01 Periodic valuation KE27S COPA_REVERSE_KEReversal of KE27 Delta Line Items KE28 RKEBPR01 Create top-down distribution KE29 RKEBPRAD Management KE3A RKDREOBE CO-PA: Reorganize reports data KE3B RKEBATCH Print and actualize reports KE3C RKDREOFO Reorganize Forms KE3D RKEB0404 Reorganize Line Item Layouts KE3E RKES0101 Maintain Global Variables KE3F SAPMKES1 Create line item layout KE3G SAPMKES1 Change Line Item Layout KE3H SAPMKES1 Display line item layout KE3I SAPMKCTR CO-PA: Transport tool KE3J SAPMKEFT Import KE3K RKEB0801 Maintain hierarchy KE3L RKDREPDV Split report KE3M RKDREOBE Overview of Reports KE3P RKDBATV3 Maintain Variant Groups KE3Q RKDBAT02 Maintain Variants KE3R RKDBATV4 Schedule Variant Group KE3S RKDBATV5 Define Variant Group KE3T RKDREOVG Reorganization of Variant Groups KE3X SAPMKKB5 Customize Application Tree KE3Y RKEB0701 Report selection KE3Z SAPMKCB9 Convert profitability report KE30 SAPMKCEE Execute profitability report KE31 SAPMKCEE Create profitability report KE32 SAPMKCEE Change Report KE33 SAPMKCEE Display Report KE34 SAPMKES1 Create form KE35 SAPMKES1 Change form KE36 SAPMKES1 Display form KE37 SAPMKEFB Maintain Report Authorization Objec KE38 SAPMKEFB Display report authorization object KE39 RKDREODA CO-PA: Reorganize report data KE4A SAPMV12A Change condition table KE4B SAPMV12A Display condition table KE4C SAPMV13A Copy Condition KE4F RKEAE005 Post Incoming Orders Subsequently KE4L SAPMV14A Pricing report KE4N SAPMV14A Change Pricing Report KE4O SAPMV14A Display Pricing Report KE4Q SAPMV14A Execute Pricing Report KE4S RKERV002 Post billing documents to CO-PA KE4SFI RKEFI005 CO-PA: Post Subsequently from FI KE4SMM RKEMM005 CO-PA: Post Material Documents Subs KE4ST RKERV002 Simulation billg docs transfer CO-P KE4S00 RKECADL1 CO-PA: Reversal of Line Items KE4T RKEAE009 Set Up Transfer of Incoming Orders KE4TS RKEAE011 Simulate Doc.

TA Report Header Description F.0B RFAWVZ40 G/L: Create Z2 to Z4 F.01 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: Balance Sheet F.02 SAPMS38M Compact Journal F.03 SAPMS38M Reconciliation F.04 SAPMS38M G/L: Create Foreign Trade Report F.06 SAPMS38M Foreign Currency Valuation: G/L Asst F.07 SAPMS38M G/L: Balance Carryforward F.08 SAPMS38M G/L: Account Balances F.09 SAPMS38M G/L: Account List F.1A SAPF130P Customer/Vendor Statistics F.1B SAPF130Z Head Office and Branch Index F.10 SAPMS38M G/L: Chart of Accounts F.11 SAPMS38M G/L: General Ledger from Doc. Documents F.63 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Delete Requests F.64 SAPMS38M Correspondence: Maintain Requests F.70 RFWMAN00 Bill/Exchange Pmnt Request Dunning F.71 RFWEDX00 DME with Disk: B/Excha. clearing GCAG RGUGLG05 Generate FI-SL Archiving GCAN RGUDBANA Analysis of FI-SL Database Contents GCAR RGUCOMP4 Ledger Comparison Remote GCA9 RGALLOC4 Check allocation customizing GCBW1 RGUCBIW0 Generate summ.table trans. structur GCB1 SAPMGCU0 Change FI-SL Customizing Comp. Code GCB3 SAPMGCU0 Copy FI-SL Customizing Company Code GCB4 SAPMGCU0 FI-SL: Delete Company Code GCCG RGBCFL00 Generate Code for FI-SL GCDE RGUDEL00 Delete FI-SL Transaction Data GCDF SAPMGCU3 Delete FI-SL Transaction Data GCD1 SAPMGCU1 FI-SL Customizing: Diagnosis Tool GCD2 RGULIST0 List of FI-SL Direct Posting Tables GCD3 SAPMGRAP Graphical Navigation in FI-SL GCD4 RGULED00 Check General Ledger GCD5 RGUCURRC Check Currencies in FI-SL GCD6 RGUGRA03 Graphic Display of FI-SL Tables GCEE RGCEUR00 FI-LC: Reconcil. Sheet GCF1 SAPMGCU0 Create FI-SL Customizng Fld Assign. Purpose Ldgr Currency Translatio GCW7 SAPMGTRA Transport Currency Translation Mthd GCZ3 RGUUMS10 Generate Report Groups GC01 RGCCGS01 Call GS01 for LC GC10 RGCT880 FI-LC: Print Companies GC11 SAPMF10G Create Company Master Record GC12 SAPMF10G Change Company Master Record GC13 SAPMF10G Display Company Master Record GC14 SAPMF10G Delete Company Master Record GC16 SAPMF10S Create Subgroup Master Record GC17 SAPMF10S Change Subgroup Master Record GC18 SAPMF10S Display Subgroup GC19 RGCT852 FI-LC: Print Subgroups GC21 SAPMF10I Enter Individual Fin.

File F.12 SAPMS38M Advance Tax Return F.13 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: Automatic Clearing F.14 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: Recurring Entries F.15 SAPMS38M ABAP/4 Report: List Recurr. Presentatio F.75 RFWEKO01 Extended Bill/Exchange Information F.93 RFWOBL00 Maintain Bill Liability and Rem. Statement Data GC22 SAPMF10I Display Individual Fin.

Your accounting software will reserve space in the general ledger for each general ledger account.

The individual entries in the general ledger are always from the total columns of your supporting journals.

Fix truncated Analysis name on Analysis Summary and Comparison report layouts.

IC - Inventory Control Fix file recovery treating Bar Codes as 16 char.

Once you entered the screen, click in Top Menu - Utilities - Table contents - Display If you want to display all the transaction code (total - 57,048) you have to change the Fields: Maximum number of hits to 99999 (default 500). Method AFAMH RAVCLUST Maintain Maximum Amount Method AFAMP RACSTABL View Maint. Rule Allocation AIBU SAPMA12B Transfer Asset under Const. AS08 SAPMSNUM Number Ranges: Asset Number AS100 SAPMALSMEX Legacy Data Transfer using Excel AS11 SAPLAIST Create Asset Subnumber AS21 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset AS22 SAPLAIST Change Group Asset AS23 SAPLAIST Display Group Asset AS24 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset Subnumber AS25 SAPLAIST Block group asset AS26 SAPLAIST Mark group asset for deletion AS81 SAPLAIST Create Old Group Assets Data AS82 SAPLAIST Change old group asset AS83 SAPLAIST Display old group asset AS84 SAPLAIST Create legacy group asset subnumber AS91 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset AS92 SAPLAIST Change Old Asset AS93 SAPLAIST Display Old Asset AS94 SAPLAIST Create Legacy Asset Subnumber ATPS SAPLATPS ATP Check: Send Customizing ATRA SAPMS38T ABAP Objects Runtime Analysis AT01 SAPLAIST Create Asset Master Record (old) AT02 SAPLAIST Change Asset Master Record (old) AT03 SAPLAIST Display Asset Master Record (old) AT11 SAPLAIST Create Asset Subnumber (Old) AT21 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset (old) AT22 SAPLAIST Change Group Asset (old) AT23 SAPLAIST Display Group Asset (old) AT24 SAPLAIST Create Group Asset Sub-Number (old) AT81 SAPLAIST Create Old Group Asset (old) AT82 SAPLAIST Change Old Group Asset (old) AT83 SAPLAIST Display Old Group Asset (old) AT84 SAPLAIST Display Old Group Asset Sub-No.(old AT91 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset (old) AT92 SAPLAIST Change Old Asset (old) AT93 SAPLAIST Display Old Asset (old) AT94 SAPLAIST Create Old Asset Sub-Number (old) AUFW RAVCLUST Maintain Revaluation Measures AUN0 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN1 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN10 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN11 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN2 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN3 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN4 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN5 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN6 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN7 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN8 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUN9 RAUMFE20 FI-AA Asset Summary AUT01 AUT_CUST01 Configuration of Logging AUT03 AUT_CUST01 Display Configuration AUT04 AUT_CUST_DEL04 Configuration of Long Text Logs AUT05 AUT_DEL05 Deletion of Long Texts AUT10 AUT_REP10 Evaluation of Audit Trail AUVA RAUNVA00 FI-AA Incomplete Assets AWW1 SAPMAWW1 Start asset information via ALEWEB AW01 AW01N Asset Explorer AW01N AW01N Asset Explorer AXPD RXPDANALYSIS Progress Tracking Evaluations BALA MENUBALA ALE Application menu BALD MENUBALD ALE Development BALE MENUBALE Area Menu for Administration BALM MENUBALM ALE Master data BAPI SAPLSBF_BW BAPI Explorer BAPIW SAPLSBF_BW BAPI Explorer BAPI45 SWO_START_BAPI_BAPI Browser BAUP RFBVALL_0 Bank Data Transfer BA10 SAPBAL10 Subsystem Configuration BBPS SAPMBBPS EBP Order Status Tracking BCABA KEN_HELP_ABAP_PBC ABAP Programming BCA0 MENUBCA0 BP: Business Partner - Applic. BCG7 MBARCBSP Bar chart: Call model graphic BC15 SAPMSNUM No. Procss CJ48 PP_PSZ_RUN Change Payment Planning: Init. CJ91 SAPLCJSS Create Standard WBS CJ92 SAPLCJSS Change Standard WBS CJ93 SAPLCJSS Display Standard WBS CKAV SAPMAVCK Check availability CKA1 RBDSECOP Std Cost Est to Profitability Anal. CK00 MENUCK00 Product costing initial screen CK11 SAPLCKDI Create Product Cost Estimate CK11N SAPLCKDI Create Material Cost Estimate CK13 SAPMC64S Display Product Cost Estimate CK13N SAPLCKDI Display Material Cost Estimate CK22 SAPRCK23 Organizational Measure CK24 SAPRCK23 Price Update with Cost Estimate CK31 SAPRCK32 Print Log of Costing Run CK32 SAPRCKBA CK BATCH: Print logs CK33 SAPRCK33 Comparison of Itemizations CK40N SAPRCKCC Edit Costing Run CK41 SAPMC64S Create Costing Run CK42 SAPMC64S Change Costing Run CK43 SAPMC64S Display Costing Run CK44 SAPRCK44 Delete Costing Run CK45 SAPRCKBA Delete Costing Run in Background CK51 SAPLCKDI Create Order BOM Cost Estimate CK51N SAPLCKDI Create Order BOM Cost Estimate CK53 SAPLCKDI Display Order BOM Cost Estimate CK53N SAPLCKDI Display Order BOM Cost Estimate CK55 SAPRCK_MCSO Mass Costing - Sales Documents CK60 SAPRCK60 Preselection for Material/Plant CK61 SAPRCKBA CK Batch Processing CK62 SAPRCK62 Find Structure: BOM Explosion CK63 SAPRCKBA CK Batch Processing CK64 SAPMC64S Run: Cost Estimate of Objects CK65 SAPRCKBA CK Batch Processing CK66 SAPRCK66 Mark Run for Release CK68 SAPRCK68 Release Costing Run CK74 SAPLKKP4 Create Additive Costs CK74N SAPLCKDI Create Additive Costs CK75 SAPLKKP4 Change Additive Costs CK75N SAPLCKDI Change Additive Costs CK76 SAPLKKP4 Display Additive Costs CK76N SAPLCKDI Display Additive Costs CK77N SAPLCKDI Create Additive Costs CK80 RKKBKIS1 Flexible Cost Component Report CK81 SAPMKKB2 Overview of Reports CK82 RKKBCAL0 Select Cost Estimates CK83 RKKBPCD1 Print Cost Estimates in Background CK84 RKKBKIS1 Line Items in Cost Est for Product CK85 RKKBKIS1 Line Items in Cost Est for Order CK86 RKKBKIS1 Costed Multilevel BOM CK87 RKKBKIS1 Costed BOM Sales Orders CK88 RKKBCAL1 Partner Cost Component Split CK89 RKKBKIS1 Flexible Cost Comp. Scrn FM5I SAPLFM52 FIFM: Create Fund FM5M RFFMFC02 Index of Funds FM5S SAPLFM52 FIFM: Display Fund FM5U SAPLFM52 FIFM: Change Fund FM6I SAPLFM62 FIFM: Create Application of Funds FM6M RFFMFV02 Index of Application of Funds FM6S SAPLFM62 FIFM: Display Application of Funds FM6U SAPLFM62 FIFM: Change Application of Funds FM7A RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. FM9Z BPCARRY01 FM: Transfer Budget Structure FN-1 SAPMSNUM No.range: FVVD_RANL (Loan number) FN-4 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVD_PNNR FN-5 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVD_SNBN FN-6 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: FVVD_RPNR FNAA SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted mortgage applic. FNAC SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted mortgage contrac FNAD SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted policy applicat. - Reminder Print ALL FOCNOI RFVICPOI_IMG Real Estate: BDN - CN Templates FOCPTL RFVICPTL Overview of Letters and Text Module FODA SAPMF60F Cust.darwin Real Est: Chnge va FODB SAPMF60F Cust.darwin Real Est: FODC SAPMF60F Cust.darwin Real Est: Delete va FOD9 SAPMF60F Cust Darwin Real Est: Create va FOEBKA RFEBKAP0 Display account statement FOEBL1 RFEBLBR1 Lockbox total report FOED RKES0101 Maintain global variable FOEU SAPMKES1 Create form for real estate report FOEV SAPMKES1 Change form for real estate report FOEW SAPMKES1 Display form for real estate report FOE1 SAPLFV7E Create: Rental Unit FOE2 SAPLFV7E Change: Rental Unit FOE3 SAPLFV7E Display: Rental Unit FOE5 SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: MIETEINH FOE6 SAPMKCEE Run drilldown report FOE7 SAPMKCEE Create drilldown report FOE8 SAPMKCEE Change drilldown report FOE9 SAPMKCEE Display drilldown report FOFI MENUFOFI Real Estate Management master data FOFO RFVIFROB Mass release FOFV MENUFOFV Real estate third-party mgmnt FOF9 RFVIRTFI VIFI report tree FOGEDI RFVIGEDI Building: Direct Input FOGEGN RFVIGEGN Building: Generate Data File FOGESH RFVIGESH Building: Change Data File FOGH SAPLFV7V Transfer offer to FOGRDI RFVIGRDI Property: Direct Input FOGRGN RFVIGRGN Property: Generate Data File FOGRSH RFVIGRSH Property: Change Data File FOGS SAPMF60O Property FOG1 SAPLFV7V Create Provis. Screen-DB FOIC MENUFOIC Real Estate Management master data FOIE BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Field Modif. present KCR8 SAPMKEFB Display authorization obj.presentat KCS2 SAPMKCI2 SAP-EIS: Delete char. KCVV RKDREOBE Reorganization Reports KCV0 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution Keys KCV1 SAPMGPSP Create Distribution Key KCV2 SAPMGPSP Change distribution key KCV3 SAPMGPSP Display distribution key KCV4 SAPMGPSP Delete distribution key KCWA SAPMKCC0 Maintain Currency Translation Type KCWW RKDREOFO Reorganize forms KCW0 SAPMKCB9 Testmonitor reporting SAP-EIS KCW1 RKCGENPR Generations SAP-EIS KCW2 RKCLISPR Logs SAP-EIS KCXX RKDREOVG Reorganization of Variant Groups KCZ1 RKC_START_ARCHIEC-EIS/BP: Archive transaction data KC7R SAPLKCD0 EDT: Maintain Transfer Rules KDH1 SAPLKKHI Create Account Group KDH2 SAPLKKHI Change Account Group KDH3 SAPLKKHI Display Account Group KDTT RKDCTRAN Display incorrect report KEAE RKABCPAC Generate Proc. type (CO-PA) KEC3 SAPMKCC0 Cross-table translation key CO-PA KEDA RKETREXT Export Summarization Level KEDB RKEDELTEST Deletion of Test Data in CO-PA KEDD RKE_SHOW_KEDR_DCOPA Char. Profit Center Struct KEOAP3 KEO_START_NF Display Alter. Key Figures: Master Data Repor KK05 SAPMV12A Create Cond. Planning KPB6 RKCCAPLN Change Activity Type Plan Data KPB7 RKCCAPLN Display Activity Type Plan Data KPC6 RKOPAPLN Change Activity Input Planning KPC7 RKOPAPLN Display activity input planning KPD6 RKOPAPLN Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data KPEP RKP_FLEX_UPL_PRLog: Flexible Excel Upload KPEU K_COOM_KPP_FLEXFlexible Upload for Excel Planning KPE6 RKOPAPLN Change Revenue Element Planning KPE7 RKOPAPLN Display Revenue Element Planning KPF6 RKOPAPLN Change CElem/Activity Input Plannin KPF7 RKOPAPLN Display CElem./Acty Input Planning KPG1 SAPMGPLP Create Planning Parameters KPG2 SAPMGPLP Change Planning Parameters KPG3 SAPMGPLP Display Planning Parameters KPG4 SAPMGPLP Delete Planning Parameters KPG5 SAPMKES1 Create Cost Planning Layout KPG6 SAPMKES1 Change Cost Planning Layout KPG7 SAPMKES1 Display Cost Planning Layout KPHR RKHRPLAN Transfer HR Costs to CO KPH0 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution Keys KPH1 SAPMGPSP Create Distribution Key KPH2 SAPMGPSP Change Distribution Key KPH3 SAPMGPSP Display Distribution Key KPH4 SAPMGPSP Delete Distribution Key KPH5 SAPMKES1 Create Stat. Input KP16 RKCCAPLN Change Plan Data for Primary Costs KP17 RKCCAPLN Display Plan Data for Primary Costs KP26 RKCCAPLN Change Plan Data for Activity Types KP27 RKCCAPLN Display Plan Data for Activity Type KP36 RKCCAPLN Change Secondary Cost Plan Data KP37 RKCCAPLN Display Secondary Costs Plan Data KP46 RKCCAPLN Change Stat. Key Figure Plan Data KP56 RKCCAPLN Change Revenue Plan Data KP57 RKCCAPLN Display Revenue Plan Data KP65 SAPMKES1 Create Cost Planning Layout KP66 SAPMKES1 Change Cost Planning Layout KP67 SAPMKES1 Display Cost Planning Layout KP75 SAPMKES1 Create Activity Type Planning Layou KP76 SAPMKES1 Change Activity Type Planning Layou KP77 SAPMKES1 Display Activ. KF Planning Layout KP9R COKPR005 Copy CO Resource Prices KP9S COKPR004 Revaluate CO Resource Prices KP90 SAPMKPT2 Delete Planned Costs KP90NI SAPMKPT2 Delete Planned Costs KP91 SAPMKPT2 Delete Planned Costs KP91NI SAPMKPT2 Delete Plan Data KP95 SAPMKPT5 Revaluate Manual Planning KP96 SAPMKPT2 Activate L. Planning KP97 SAPMKPT4 Copy Planning for Cost Centers KP98 SAPMKPT4 Copy Actual to Plan for Cost Center KRMI RKAEP000 Run Sched. Plan: Overview KSCF RKAGJOBL Carry Forward Cost Center Commitmen KSCK SAPLKWA1 Find CCtrs in Cycles and Segments KSCP SAPLKWA2 Find Processes in Cycles / Segments KSCYC3 SAPMKAL4 Display Cycle/Segment Objects KSC1 SAPMKAL1 Create Actual Indirect Acty Alloc. Requirements LX10 RLT10010 Activities per Storage Type LX11 RLT10020 Document overview LX12 RLT10030 Document Overview: Landscape Format LX13 RLT10040 Analysis of differences LX14 RLT10050 Matl mvmt frequency LX15 RLINV010 Selection of Bins for Annual Invent LX16 RLINV015 Selection of Bins for Continuous In LX17 RLINV020 List of Inventory Differences LX18 RLINV030 Statistics of Inventory Differences LX19 RLBEST00 Inventory Data Takeover by Btch Inp LX20 RLVST333 Generate interim storage bins LX21 RLKOMM40 Pick List for Several Transfer Ord. Storage Bi LX41 RLWMPPC3 Bin Status Report WM/PP Interface LX42 RLWMPPC4 Evaluation PP Order from WM View LX43 RLWMPPC5 Consistency Check for Control Cycle LX44 RLL10010 Inward and outward movements LX45 RLVERIFY Verification Field in Storage Bin LX46 RLT1HR00 Transmission WM perform.

or, Simply goto transaction : You must be familiar with the starting characters strings for each of the R/3 application modules. Offsetting Entry ABZP SAPMA01B Acquistion from affiliated company ABZS SAPMA01B Enter write-up ABZU SAPMA01B Write-up ABZV SAPMF05A Asset Acquis. Period Control Method AFAMR RACSTABL View Maintenance Base Method AFAMS RAVCLUST View Maint. AIIO SAPMV76A C AM Maintain List Version Au C AISF RJBRSVAC FX Exposure AISFSS RJBRSVAC Single Value Analysis: FX Exposure AISS RJBRSVAC Single Val. Range Maint.: BP_PARTNR Partner BDA1 RSARFCEX Call RSARFCEX BDA5 RBDSEDOC Distribute documents BDBG SAPLBDBG Create ALE Interface for BAPI BDBP SAPLBDBH Hierarchy maintenance of BAPI param BDBR SAPLDX_REGISTRARegister BAPI for Data Transfer BDBS SAPLBDMP Generate coding for mapping BDCP SAPMSNUM Number range maintenance: ALE_CP BDC5 RBDCUS70 Consistency of Customizing Data BDD5 RBDCUS71 Application Consistency Check BDFDF RBDFEFUND Request Fund BDFDS RBDSEFUND Send fund BDFG SAPLBDFG ALE Interfaces from Function Module BDLR SAPLDX_REGISTRARegistration of transfer program BDLS RBDLSMAP Convert Logical System Names BDLSS SAPLBDLS Converting Logical System Names BDMC RBDMCCOP Upload info structures BDMO RBDMONI4 ALE CCMS Group Administration BDM2 RBDMOIN8 Monitoring: IDocs in Receiving Sys. Scree CJ49 PP_PSZ_RUN Display Payment Planning: Init. CKCM SAPRCKMODEL Costing Model CKC1 SAPRCKCU Check Costing Variant CKECP CKECP_GENERIC_BAd Hoc Cost Estimate CKECP1 CKECP_LAUNCH Easy Cost Planning: Central Access CKMACD DISPLAY_WIP_LARWerteflussanzeige für Leistungsarte CKMB SAPLCKMD Display Material Ledger Document CKMC SAPRCKMU Consistency Check for a Material CKMCCC SAPLCKMMC Manual Change: Act. Spli CKMCCD SAPLCKMMC Man Chang: Display Actual CC Split CKMCCS SAPLCKM8 Display Actual Cost Component Split CKMD SAPRCKMR Transactions for a Material CKME SAPRCKM_PRCH Activation of Planned Prices CKMF ML_ALLOW_SETTLEAllow Price Determination CKMG ML_ALLOW_CLOSINAllow Closing Entries CKMH SAPRCKMA_EINSTUSingle-Level Price Determination CKMI SAPRCKMA_ABSCHLPost Closing CKMJ ML_ALLOW_SHOW_LDisplay Organizational Measures CKML MENUCKML Actual Costing/Material Ledger CKMLCP CKML_COCKPIT Cockpit Actual Costing CKMLDC SAPRCKM_MR22 Debit/Credit Material CKMLDM SAPRCKM_MR22 Debit or Credit Material CKMLOH SAPRCKM_ORDER_HPO History/Multiple Currencies CKMLPC SAPRCKM_MR21 Price Change CKMLQS CKML_QSTREE Valuated Quantity Structure(M-level CKMM SAPRCKM2_NEU Change Price Determination CKMPCD SAPLCKMD Display Price Change Document CKMPRP SAPRCKM_PRMT Maintain Planned Prices CKMR RKKBRPTR Report Selection Material Ledger CKMREP SAPRCKM_REPAIR_Repair Program for ML Tables CKMS SAPRCKMS Material Ledger Docs for Material CKMVFM ML_VALUE_FLOW_MValue Flow Monitor CKM3 SAPLCKM8 Material Price Analysis CKM3N SAPLCKM8N Material Price Analysis CKM9 SAPRCKMG Show Customizing Settings for Plant CKNR SAPMSNUM Maintain Number Ranges: KALK CKRU00 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRCreate ML Costing Run CKRU01 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Create Profile CKRU02 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Change Profile CKRU03 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRML Costing Run; Display Profile CKRU04 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay Selection CKRU05 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay ML Costing Run CKRU06 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDelete ML Costing Run CKRU07 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRPlants in Costing Runs CKRU08 CKML_RUN_NEW_TRDisplay Levels CKR1 SAPRCKR1 Reorganization in Product Costing CKR5 SAPRCKR7 Reorganize in Background CKUC CKEKMULTILEVELCMultilevel Unit Costing CKU1 SAPRCK23 Update Material Price CKVF SAPRCKVF Show Whether Marking/Release Allowe CKWE SAPRCKVK Determine Value Added CKW1 SAPLCKWB Create Production Lot Cost Est. Report Sale Orde CK90 MENUCK90 Mixed Costing CK91 SAPRCKBA1 Create Procurement Alternatives CK91N CKMLMV_SURFACE Edit Procurement Alternatives CK92 SAPRCKBA1 Change Procurement Alternatives CK93 SAPRCKBA1 Display Procurement Alternatives CK94 SAPRCKBA1 Change Mixing Ratio CK95 SAPRCKBA1 Display Mixing Ratios CLABAP SEM5ABAP Display ABAP class library CLBOR SEM5BOR Display BOR library CLB1 RCCLBI02 Batch Input for Classification CLB2 RCCLBI03 Direct Input for Classification CLB3 RCCLBISC Display Classification File CLD0 RBDSECN1 Distr. Configuration Profile (Matl) CLD2 RBDSEKNO Distribute Global Dependencies CLD3 RBDSEVTA Distr. Variant Tables (Data) CLEAR COM_CALL_CLEAR Start Data Cleansing Tool CLGT RCLGTGEN Set Up Tables for Search CLHI RCCLDIHI Distribution of Class Hierarchies CLHP SAPLCLHP Graphical Hierarchy Maintenance CLJP SAPMCLJP Specify Japanese calender CLMM SAPLCLMMD Mass Change for Assigned Values CLM1 SAPLIQS0 Create Claim CLM10 RCLAIM001 Claim Overview CLM11 RCLAIM002 Claim Hierarchy CLM2 SAPLIQS0 Change Claim CLM3 SAPLIQS0 Display Claim CLNA SAPMCLNA Namespace: Characteristics/Classes CLNK SAPMSNUM Number Ranges for Class Maintenance CLOI MENUCLOI Production Optimization Interface CLST RCCLSELSTATISTICreate Class Statistics CLUNDO SAPLCLUNDO Undo Changes (CA-CL) CLVL SAPMMCLK Maintain Variable Lists CLWA RMCLCLMO Create Material Group (MMS) CLWB RMCLCLMO Change Material Group (MMS) CLWC RMCLCLMO Display Material Group (MMS) CLWD RMCLCLMO Delete Material Group (MMS) CLWE RMCLCLMO Create Characteristic Profile (MMS) CLWF RMCLCLMO Change Characteristic Profile (MMS) CLWG RMCLCLMO Display Characteristic Profile (MMS CLWH RMCLCLMO Delete Characteristic Profile (MMS) CLWJ RMCLCLMO Change Generic Article (MMS) CLWK RMCLCLMO Display Generic article (MMS) CLWL RMCLCLMO Delete Generic Article (MMS) CLWM RMCLCLMO Create MMS Material Group Hierarchy CLWN RMCLCLMO Change MMS Material Group Hierarchy CLWO RMCLCLMO Display MMS Material Group Hierarch CLWP RMCLCLMO Delete MMS Material Group Hierarchy CLW1 SAPMMCLF Allocate Material Group Hierarchy CLW2 SAPMMCLF Display Material Group Hierarchy CL00 MENUCL00 Classification Menu CL01 RMCLCLMO Create Class CL02 RMCLCLMO Classes CL03 RMCLCLMO Display Class CL04 RMCLCLMO Delete Class CL2A RCCLSTA1 Classification Status CL2B RCCLTYP0 Class Types CL20 SAPMMCLF Assign Object to Classes CL20N SAPLCLFM Object Assignments CL21 SAPMMCLF Display Object in Classes CL22 SAPMMCLF Allocate Class to Classes CL22N SAPLCLFM Assign Class to Superior Classes CL23 SAPMMCLF Display Class for Classes CL24 SAPMMCLF Assign Objects to One Class CL24N SAPLCLFM Class Assignments CL25 SAPMMCLF Display Objects in Class CL26 RCCLRELE Mass Release of Assignments CL30 SAPMMCLS Find Objects in Classes CL30N RCCLSC Find Objects in Classes CL31 SAPLCLSD Find Object In Class Type CL6A RMCLKLAV Class List CL6AN RMCLKLAVN Class List (ALV) CL6B RMCLOBJV Object List CL6BN RMCLOBJVN Object List (ALV) CL6C RMCLHIEV Class Hierarchy CL6D RMCLKLOV Classes Without Superior Class CL6E RMCLDINU Copy DIN Standard CL6F RMCLDINU Copy DIN Characteristic Data CL6G RMCLDINU Create Material w. Data CL6H RCCLKUSV Classes: Reassign/Split/Merge CL6K RMCLMDEL Delete Characteristic (Class w. CNL1 SAPLCNSH Create delivery information CNL2 SAPLCNSH Change delivery information CNL3 SAPLCNSH Display delivery information CNMASS RCNMASSCHANGE Mass Changes in Project System CNMM SAPLCNMM Project-Oriented Procurement CNMT RCNMT000 Milestone Trend Analysis CNN0 SAPMSNUM Number Range for Library Network CNN1 SAPMSNUM Number range maint.: ROUTING_0 CNPAR RPARSHOW Partner Overview CNPRG CNETWPROG Network Progress CNSE5 RCNST000 Progress Analysis CNS0 SAPLCNSH Create deleivry from project CNS40 RCNST000 Project Overview CNS41 RCNST000 Structure Overview CNS42 RCNPD000 Overview: Project Definitions CNS43 RCNPE000 Overview: WBS Elements CNS44 RCNPA000 Overview: Planned Orders CNS45 RCNAF000 Overview: Orders CNS46 RCNNP000 Overview: Networks CNS47 RCNVG000 Overview: Activities/Elements CNS48 RCNRM000 Overview: Confirmations CNS49 RCNAB000 Overview: Relationships CNS50 RCNKB000 Overview: Capacity Requirements CNS51 RCNFH000 Overview: PRTs CNS52 RCNMR000 Overview: Components CNS53 RCNMS000 Overview: Milestones CNS54 RCNVB000 Overview: Sales Document CNS55 RCNVP000 Overview: Sales and Dist. Item CNS60 RCNCHANGEDOC Change Documents for Projects/Netw. Indirect Acty Alloc.: Overview CPC7 SAPMKAL1 Create Indirect Activity Alloc. Processing of CE Rules FM7B RFFMKT50 Flag FMAA as Eligible for Cover FM7C RFFMSC01 Generate Cover Pools from Rules FM7K RFFMKT13 Copy Cover Eligibility Rules FM7K_N RFFMDRFI Copy Cover Pools with Funds Centers FM7L RFFMKT23 Delete Cover Eligibility Rules FM7P RFFMAB_LAUNCH_AIndiv. FNAE SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted policy contract FNAG SAPMF67A Reactivate deleted other loan appli FNAH SAPMF67A Reactivate del. Criteria FOIF BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Application Transactions FOIG BUSVIEWS RECN-BDT: Tables FOIH BUSVIEWS RECN-Cust: Field Modification Activ FOIJ RFVIRECNFILED RECN-BDT: Generate Test File (DI) FOIK RFVIRECNDARK RECN-BDT: Update w/o Dialog FOIL RFVIRS00 RE Contract: Resubmission FOIM RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: Create FOIO RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: Change FOIP RFVIRECNSTART RE Contract: Display FOIQ RFVICN00 RE Contract: Periodic Postings FOIR RFVIRECNVIEWS RECN Cust: Screen Configurations FOIS MENUFOIS Information system FOIT RFVKONTM Acct Assign. Template Environment KEAF SAPMKECM_VFIELDValue Field Analysis KEAT RKE_RECONCILIATReconcile CO-PA FI KEAV SAPMKECM_VALUATValuation KEAW RKE_RECONCILIATReconciliation Make-to-Order Prod. Derivation Overview ALV KEDF RKETRERF CO-PA: Fill Summ. Levels (Expert) KEDRA RKE_DERIVE_ALE COPA Customizing via ALE KEDT SAPMKETREPROT Log Summarization Logs KEDU RKETRERU CO-PA: Build Summarization Levels KEDUS RKETRERF_PARALLCO-PA: Period Build of Summ. Lev KEDZ RKE_PROT_EVALUARead Interface for CO-PA Log KED0 SAPMKEDR Derivation: Initial Screen KED5 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Create Form KED6 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Change Form KED7 SAPMKES1 Data Mining: Display Form KEEU SAPMKCB9 CO-PA EIS/BP: Generate transfer KEE0 RPCADIFF PCA: Generate Line Item Difference KEFA RKEVEXT1 Maintain Sender Structures KEFB RKEVEXT2 Maintain Rules KEFC RKEVEXT3 CO-PA External Data Transfer KEFD SAPLKCD0 Maintain Rules KEF1 RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChange Revaluation Keys KEF2 RKE_CALL_VC_TKEDisplay revaluation indices KEGA SAPMKAL1 Delete Indirect Plan Acty Alloc. Profit Center Struct KEOA1 SAPLCMDT5 Activate Cost Centers KEOA2 SAPLCMDT5 Activate Profit Centers KEOA3 SAPLCMDT5 Activate Processes KEOD1 SAPLCMDT5 Reset Inactive Cost Centers KEOD2 SAPLCMDT5 Reset Inactive Profit Centers KEOD3 SAPLCMDT5 Reset Inactive Business Process KEOG1 RKEOGEN1 Generate Standard Hierarchy KEOG2 RKEOGEN2 Generate Alternative Hierarchy KEOG3 RKEOGEN3 Replace Standard Hierarhcy KEOP1 RKEOPRI0 Print Standard Hierarchy KEOP2 RKEOPRI1 Print Enterprise Organization KEOV RKEOV CO-PA: Cycle Overview KEO1 KEO_START_NF Create Enterprise Organization KEO2 KEO_START_NF Change Enterprise Organization KEO3 KEO_START_NF Display Enterprise Organization KEPA RKE_CALL_VC_TKEChar. Type Planning Layout KP80 SAPLKEFV_MNT Maintain Distribution Keys KP81 SAPMGPSP Create Distribution Key KP82 SAPMGPSP Change Distribution Key KP83 SAPMGPSP Display Distribution Key KP84 SAPMGPSP Delete Distribution Key KP85 SAPMKES1 Create Stat. Header: Line Items Actua KR01 SAPMKSRD Create Summarization KR02 SAPMKSRD Change Summarization KR03 SAPMKSRD Display Summarization KR04 SAPMKSRD Delete Summarization KR05 SAPMKSRE Execute Summarization KSAG SAPMV12A Maintain condition tables KSAH SAPMV12A Display condition tables KSAI SAPMKSA0 Accrual Calc.: Maintain Actual Data KSAJ SAPMKSA0 Accrual Calc.: Maintain Tgt=Act Cre KSAP SAPMKSA0 Accrual Calc.: Maintain Plan Data KSAQ SAPMV13A Maintain surcharge conditions KSAR SAPMV13A Display Overhead Conditions KSAZ SAPMKSA0 Accrual: Maintain Overhead Structur KSA3 SAPLKAZB Actual Accrual for Cost Centers KSA4 SAPMKSZB Execute actual accrual KSA8 SAPLKAZB Plan Accrual for Cost Centers KSA9 SAPMKSZB Execute Plan Accrual KSBB SAPMKKB2 Run Selected Reports KSBL SAPMKB01 Cost centers: Planning overview KSBP RKAEP000 Cost Centers: Plan Line Items KSBT RKATARIF Cost centers: Activity prices KSB1 RKAEP000 Cost Centers: Actual Line Items KSB2 RKAEP000 Cost Centers: Commitment Line Items KSB5 RKAEP000 Controlling Documents: Actual KSB9 SAPMKB02 Planning Report: Cost Centers KSCA SAPMKAL1 Delete Indirect Activity Alloc. Pla KSCB SAPMKGA2 Execute Plan Indirect Acty Alloc. LX22 RLI30010 Process Inventory from Overview LX23 RLABGL00 Stock comparison IM - WM LX24 RLS10240 Display of hazardous mat.numbers LX25 RLINV040 Inventory Status LX26 RLINV050 Inventory in WM via cycle counting LX27 RLS30010 Stock levels by shelf life LX28 RLSUB000 Relevant TO item for ext.system LX29 RLS10090 Fixed bin supervision LX30 RLSUB010 Overview of WM messages ext.system LX31 RLVSDR20 Analysis of print control tables LX32 RLRT0001 Archived transfer orders LX33 RLRB0001 Archived transfer requirements LX34 RLRU0001 Archived posting change notices LX35 RLRI0001 Archived system inventory records LX36 RLRH0001 Archived inventory histories LX37 RLSUB020 Linked objects LX38 RLOLML02 Check Report Customizing Strategy K LX39 RL2STK00 Evaluation Reference No. data to HR LX47 RLLX4700 Analysis of Delayed Delivery Update LYCHP RLYREGISTER Check-in / Check-out transaction LYLDP RLYREGISTER Load & unload transaction LYRDA RLYALERT Yard Alert Monitor LYRDM RLYMONITOR Yard Monitor LYSCH RLXYRD_SCHDL_CHYard Scheduling Chart LYVHC RLYREGISTER Yard Inventory M/N2 SAPMV12A Create free goods table M/N3 SAPMV12A Display free goods table M/03 SAPMV12A Create Conditions Table (Purchasing M/04 SAPMV12A Change Conditions Table (Purchasing M/05 SAPMV12A Displ. Order M/62 SAPMV12A Messages: Create Cond Tab: Del.

AP - Accounts Payable Fix incorrect shipment date validation error when exchange rate dialog is saved.

Ensure Edit/Save for Customers and Creditors triggers Primary Contact required, Default Delivery Address required check in all cases.

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