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​At the present time, there is no Bermuda income or profits tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax, capital transfer tax, estate duty or inheritance tax payable by the Company or by its shareholders in respect of the Shares.The Company has obtained an assurance from the Minister of Finance of Bermuda under the Exempted Undertakings Tax Protection Act 1966 that, in the event that any legislation is enacted in Bermuda imposing any tax computed on profits or income, or computed on any capital asset, gain or appreciation or any tax in the nature of estate duty or inheritance tax, such tax shall not, until 28 Marc​h 2016, be applicable to the Company or to any of the Company’s operations or to its shares, debentures or other obligations except insofar as such tax applies to persons ordinarily resident in Bermuda or is payable by the Company in respect of real property owned or leased by the Company in Bermuda.Dividends received by Norwegian corporate shareholders from the Company are subject to 27% tax in Norway.January 15, 2016EMTA Special Seminar: A New Argentina? January 11, 2016EMTA Special Seminar: A New Argentina? Pollack, Special Master in Argentina Debt Litigation. October 16, 2015 EMTA Special Seminar: Argentina Elections - What the Future Will Hold.December 7, 2015EMTA Special Seminar: A New Argentina? September 3, 2015EMTA Special Seminar: Argentina Elections - What The Future Will Hold in New York on October 16, 2015. September 1, 2015Foreign Sovereign Immunity: Second Circuit Issues New Ruling on Central Bank Immunity Under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act – Sullivan & Cromwell Memorandum.

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